How to prevent your AC from freezing up


Air conditioning systems play a major role in our lives especially in the hot months of the summertime. It is important to maintain a properly working air conditioning system so that once summer comes it is working well. Many homeowners take the proper steps to maintain their unit each season but there is still one problem that can occur during the hot summer months: Freezing.

An air conditioner can freeze up easily in the summer time especially if temperatures are hotter than normal. There are many different factors that can cause a unit to freeze up and below we will discuss why this happens and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

Airflow is a major factor that can attribute to a freezing problem. The airflow of your unit should never be restricted and if it does become blocked then it can cause the evaporator coils to become dirty and this will cause the coils to drop to below freezing temperatures. The coils will then collect humidity from the air and then the coils will freeze. It is important to keep this from happening so make sure you change your air filters regularly and keep an eye out for dirty coils.

Refrigerant is another important factor with an AC unit. The refrigerant is what helps the unit provide cool air throughout the home. If the unit is running low on refrigerant then the unit can freeze up. If you are getting low on charge you will need to contact a professional to level out the amount you have.

Another problem is the outdoor temperature. If you run your air conditioning on a moderately cool day it can freeze up. Air conditioning systems are usually not created to work in outdoor temperatures of under sixty degrees, so when the weather dips, turn off the AC.

These are just a few important steps that homeowners should take to keep their air conditioning unit from freezing up. It is important to have your unit inspected every year, especially around the summer time, when you unit will be working the hardest.

When you have your unit inspected, speak with the technician. Ask him to explain to you what to look for when it comes to freezing and how you can prevent it. This way, you will be well prepared if you come across a freezing problem and hopefully you will be able to handle it!