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10 Common AC Repair Ideas

Air Conditioner is one of the most expensive HVAC appliances that could make us cool and comfortable indoors even during hot climatic conditions. It could be a really frustrating situation when all of a sudden the unit fails to function properly. In such instances, AC repair can be easily identified and rectified by the homeowners themselves and only in case of a major repair or replacement; you would require a qualified HVAC technician.

Here are 10 common AC repair ideas:

1.Insufficient Maintenance – Due to insufficient maintenance of the AC units, the inner components might get clogged up with dust and debris that can prevent the airflow and cause a breakdown. Make sure to clean the indoor and outdoor unit properly and change the filter at least once in 3 months.

2.Refrigerant leakage – When the refrigerant level is low, there would be a leakage which can be easily fixed by technicians. He would fix the leak by filling in the right amount of refrigerant liquid.

3.Faulty Wiring – Due to bad wiring, the AC unit struggles to get power which can trip the circuit breaker any time. Therefore, check the wirings and see if the power is received correctly form the electric panel.

4.Noisy Unit – There could be noise form AC units due to mechanical friction or because of loose screws. Apply lubricants and oils to the motor and resolve the issue.

5.Cooling Problems – When your air conditioner unit does not provide good cooling to your room, there might be a leakage in the refrigerant which can only be fixed by a technician who will check for any leak and recharge the system with refrigerant.

6.Ice Build-Up – The ice tends to build up on the evaporator coil when the air filters are clogged up with dust and pollutants. Clean the air filters twice in a month to avoid this issue.

7.Outside Fan not working – When the compressor gets overheated, the fan fails to work properly and does not provide proper cooling. Check the thermostat settings and clean the inner coils.

8.Air Smelling from AC unit – When there is stagnant water near the outside unit; moisture builds up into the unit which causes this foul smell. The only solution is to keep the AC unit clean and change filter periodically.

9.Dripping Water – This problem is mainly caused due to leakage in pipes. You could also find moulds and mildew getting built up in the pipes which need to be cleaned immediately.

10. Blown Fuses – When the AC is overloaded with prolonged usage, this problem could be caused. Check the electricity panel and check for the amount of energy consumed by the unit.

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