Solar Heaters Vs Boilers

For heating solutions in the home, there are many different options for home owners to choose from. Two options that home owners can install is a solar heater and a boiler. These two units can heat the home but they are very different. Below we will show the differences between the two different heating systems.

Installation Price

When it comes to the price of installation, a boiler system wins out every time. The price of installation for a boiler is much lower than the price of a solar system. A solar system has a very complicated installation process while a boiler is less complicated. Because of this as well as the amount of time needed to install a solar unit, boilers seem to be the top choice in this aspect.

Installation Process

Boilers are much easier to install than solar systems. With solar systems, you have solar panels and other components which will need to be installed to be able to work well in the home. Also, many technicians have less experience installing solar systems to it can take longer to install. A boiler is a unit that technicians have vast experience installing so technicians can easily install these units.


When it comes to overall heating, both the boiler and the solar units have equal heating potential. Both may work differently to provide the heat to the home, but they both provide the same amount of heat for comfort. Cost to Operate When it comes to operation cost, boilers are also the better option. Boilers have a basic cost of operation while solar units can be quite costly to operate depending on how they are installed and what components are used. So when it comes to operating cost, boilers are the right choice.

Environment Effects

When it comes to the effect on the environment, boilers are not the first choice. Boilers can emit gasses and other chemicals into the air which can affect the environment. Solar heating systems were created as an environmentally friendly option. The solar option will use the sun rays to power the heat in the home so home owners will not be emitting gases and other harmful chemicals into the air. Overall, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option and then determine which heating unit will work best for you r home. You can also consult your local HVAC provider to have help deciding which option is best for you.