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Smart Curtain Cleaning Tips for Dummies

Curtains and draperies can make your house feel like a home when customized by your favorite colors and styles. Most every room in the home can benefit from curtains as curtains can block out the sun as well as keep the home cool and warm depending on the season. To have healthy air in the home, it is important to keep your curtains clean. Curtains can easily retain dust and odors which can make the air harmful to breathe, not to mention the dust does not look very pleasant. Curtains are very easy to clean but many home owners are unsure as to what the cleaning process is. Below are a few smart curtain cleaning tips for dummies.

Before the cleaning process can begin, it is very important for home owners to consider the fabric of their curtains. Fabric differences will determine the process of cleaning. Some fabrics like silk and linen need to be dry cleaned. Other fabrics, such as cotton and polyester can be washed. Be sure to read the care label of your curtains to ensure that the proper cleaning process is used.

Dry Cleaning
If your curtains are in need of dry cleaning, find a reputable company. Dry cleaners will most likely take a few days to clean your items, so make sure that you have the time frame to have the curtains cleaned. If you are having guests, be sure to take the curtains ahead of time so they will be completed by the time of your guest’s arrival. Also be sure to check pricing at local dry cleaners as they may vary and this will allow you to get the best deal.

If your curtains can be washed, then you will be able to clean them yourself. You may want to use a specialized cleaner such as Woolite, so that you will be gently cleaning the fabric. Be sure to follow the care label and use cold water when needed and warm water when needed. Fabrics vary so be sure to follow the label closely. If the curtains say to hand wash, then do so. Simply fill your sink with soapy water, allow the curtains to soak and then rinse clean. It is best to allow your curtains to air dry to retain the color and length.

Ironing curtains can be quite difficult. Be sure to follow the care label in this process as well. Some fabrics cannot be ironed as they have fabrics that will melt, so be sure to check your care label. Also, be sure to remove the curtains from the dryer once they are dry. This will release the majority of the wrinkles and will require minimal ironing.

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