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Baseboard Heating Options

Baseboard heating is an option that homeowners have to heating their home. Baseboard heating has its advantages but many, especially younger homeowners, have never heard of baseboard heating. This option is a system that runs around the base of the walls of your home and heats up using different methods to heat the air and make it rise in the home. Below we will discuss the two types of baseboard heating.


The first type of baseboard heating is Electric baseboard heating. This option is an individual unit which will heat one room in the home at a time. This option is not connected to a central unit and so no duct work is needed. This option is not as efficient as central unit options but they do work better than other types of units.


With electric baseboard heating, the unit will have cables inside it which will warm the air up and then push it out. As cold air enters the bottom of the unit it will be warmed and this option is connected to a thermostat so it can be controlled. When the air that enters the baseboard heater is the desired temperature, then the heater will shut off until it needs to cut on again.


The second option available is the Hot water baseboard heating option. This unit is also called a hydronic baseboard heater and it does use central heating. However, this option uses hot water in pipes and sends it to individual baseboard units to heat the rooms in the home. This type of heating is considered an efficient heating source, and many consider them better than a central heating system.


This type of heating is usually used in radiant flooring. This means the pipes run under the floor, however many homes are not equipped for this type of installation. Because radiant heating can be difficult in the floor, the baseboard option is a good idea for installation.


Many are against baseboard heating simply from an aesthetic point of view. They feel as though the heating system is ‘ugly’ and will mess up the décor of their home. However, with the newest baseboard heating systems, homeowners can paint the system to match the look and style of their home. There are also covers that can be purchased that change the overall look of the heating system, which makes it more stylish and appealing.

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