HVAC Ducts: Just How Important Are They?

Heating and cooling your home or work place is easily done with air ducts placed throughout the building. These special little tubes do a lot to help you keep comfortable in the hottest of summers and coldest of winters. They can provide the are you need consistently to stay at a normal temperature. They come in all sorts of materials and can provide your home or business with great climate control.


When you are considering your HVAC unit you may wonder how important air ducts really are. They have a few purposes that make them a vital component of your heating and cooling unit. First they can be made up of several different types of materials. Most often you find that these ducts are made up of sheet metal. They can also be made up of other items including fabric or fiberglass. These ducts run throughout the entire building and come into the home through the ceilings or floors. Some have their vents on the walls. It just depends on how the air ducts are run through.


Second you will discover that these units are connected to the actual heating and cooling unit itself. They run from that unit into your home to bring your cool or warm air. They are the method of transportation so that your home or office stays at the temperature you have set it to be. Without air ducts you would not be able to feel the air that the HVAC unit is producing. These tubes running through your walls are very important in that aspect.


One thing to keep in mind is that heating and cooling specialists recommend you to have periodic maintenance and cleaning to your ducts. When you have pets or children they can drop things in to the vents especially when they are on the floor. This can cause a blockage or can just cause an issue with noise in the pipes. Your pets are also shedding or give off dander and this can hang out in the pipes as well. By periodically cleaning and checking them you can help to keep the air cleaner in your home and keep them maintained. These units are very vital to your heating and cooling and should be kept in good condition.


Mold or bacteria could also collect in the air ducts. If you have ever had a rodent problem they may also have been in the air ducts and it is a good idea to have them cleaned and checked out. This helps to keep from blowing those particles around your home. While regulators are still unsure if cleaning is really necessary, anyone who services or maintains them on a daily basis do suggest it so that you can be sure your air is clean.


As you can see the air ducts and vents running through your home have a vital importance of delivering air to you every day. Maintain them properly and they should last you a long time. Try to remind your children or visitors to keep things out from in front of vents and from tossing things in. HVAC air ducts are very important to your comfort and your climate control.  

Advantages Of Inspecting And Maintaining Your HVAC System

If you wish to have an HVAC installed for your home, it is perfectly justifiable because you can have a cool environment in summers. You can have comfortable and warm winters also with the help of your HVAC system. But, if you do not take the appropriate steps to maintain your HVAC system properly, you may not get the optimum benefits from it. If you think that it is not necessary to check and maintain your system since it is functioning normally, you are wrong. You may not face immediate problems but in the long run, poor maintenance may lead to major problems. You may have to shell out a large amount when your system develops major problems. The point that is being emphasized here is that even if your system is functioning well, its efficiency may be deteriorating incrementally. If you do not maintain it well, the deterioration may be quite rapid. By not maintaining it well, you are in fact reducing the lifespan of your system.


You should get your system inspected and maintained periodically not only for avoiding major repair problems but for getting high-quality air also. If an HVAC system is not maintained well, the air you get may contain free radicals. It is a known fact that free radicals may cause immense harm to human health. But, by maintaining your HVAC system properly, you can avoid all these problems. The technician you engage for doing the task of inspecting your system may spot problems, if any, in your system and suggest to you the right ways to rectify them. You can get useful tips for the routine maintenance of the system also.


Yet another major advantage you derive by getting your HVAC system inspected periodically is that the system will function efficiently. An inefficiently-functioning system may cost you heavily and you may be spending heavily on your monthly utility bills. If you do a small arithmetic, you will realize that you will be spending much less on your scheduled inspections than what you may be incurring by paying exorbitant monthly bills.


It is true that the technician must inspect the internal parts of the system, the ducts and pipes. But, he should focus on the filters also. Filters protect your HVAC system from dust and other particles. By checking the filters periodically and replacing them regularly will keep your system in a good working condition. The air you breathe will also be clean and safe.

Smart Curtain Cleaning Tips for Dummies

Curtains and draperies can make your house feel like a home when customized by your favorite colors and styles. Most every room in the home can benefit from curtains as curtains can block out the sun as well as keep the home cool and warm depending on the season. To have healthy air in the home, it is important to keep your curtains clean. Curtains can easily retain dust and odors which can make the air harmful to breathe, not to mention the dust does not look very pleasant. Curtains are very easy to clean but many home owners are unsure as to what the cleaning process is. Below are a few smart curtain cleaning tips for dummies.

Before the cleaning process can begin, it is very important for home owners to consider the fabric of their curtains. Fabric differences will determine the process of cleaning. Some fabrics like silk and linen need to be dry cleaned. Other fabrics, such as cotton and polyester can be washed. Be sure to read the care label of your curtains to ensure that the proper cleaning process is used.

Dry Cleaning
If your curtains are in need of dry cleaning, find a reputable company. Dry cleaners will most likely take a few days to clean your items, so make sure that you have the time frame to have the curtains cleaned. If you are having guests, be sure to take the curtains ahead of time so they will be completed by the time of your guest’s arrival. Also be sure to check pricing at local dry cleaners as they may vary and this will allow you to get the best deal.

If your curtains can be washed, then you will be able to clean them yourself. You may want to use a specialized cleaner such as Woolite, so that you will be gently cleaning the fabric. Be sure to follow the care label and use cold water when needed and warm water when needed. Fabrics vary so be sure to follow the label closely. If the curtains say to hand wash, then do so. Simply fill your sink with soapy water, allow the curtains to soak and then rinse clean. It is best to allow your curtains to air dry to retain the color and length.

Ironing curtains can be quite difficult. Be sure to follow the care label in this process as well. Some fabrics cannot be ironed as they have fabrics that will melt, so be sure to check your care label. Also, be sure to remove the curtains from the dryer once they are dry. This will release the majority of the wrinkles and will require minimal ironing.

Tips to repair frozen pipes in washroom


When the temperatures outside are freezing, the piping system in your home can freeze over. It is very important for home owners to take the proper precautions to protect their piping systems from freezing or they will have a big problem on their hands. Steps can be taken to ensure that the system does not freeze but if it does, it is important for home owners to be able to remedy the situation. Below are a few tips for repairing frozen pipes in your washroom.

Preparing for a Freeze
It is important for home owners to prepare for a freeze. Taking the proper precautions will help your system stay warm when the temperatures outside are freezing. Take piping insulation and surround the pipes you have outside, such as your outdoor faucets. This portion of your piping is connected to the system and can cause the entire unit from freezing. When a deep freeze is setting in, home owners can turn the water on a slow drip to keep the pipes from freezing. This is another option when you are afraid that your pipes will freeze.

You can also open the bottom cabinets of any piping system, such as the kitchen and bathroom sink. These areas will need to circulate warm air so they do to become frozen. You can also place a small portable heater in the area to keep the pipes warm and avoid bursting.

Frozen Pipes without Bursting
If your pipes are frozen but have not burst, you will need to thaw the pipes out. There are several thawing techniques that can be used to warm your pipes. You will first need to prepare your system for thawing. Open the faucet of the frozen pipe and then identify where the pipe is frozen and where the blockage is. Follow the pipe back to the faucet and then look to see if any of the pipes is bulging or cracking.

If the frozen pipe is behind the wall, you will need to turn on your heat and let the house get warm. You will then need to remove the wall or ceiling to get to the pipe. You can then thaw the pipe by using an infrared lamp or other heating method.
If the pipe is exposed then you have several options for thawing. You can use a hair dryer, heat lamp, portable heater or electric pipe heating tape. Each of these options can aid in the thawing of your pipes. Try any of the options to see if your pipes will thaw out and you will be able to avoid bursting.
Taking the time to properly secure your piping system will save you a ton of money in the long run. Be prepared and have your pipes ready for the winter season!