Baseboard Heating Options

Baseboard heating is an option that homeowners have to heating their home. Baseboard heating has its advantages but many, especially younger homeowners, have never heard of baseboard heating. This option is a system that runs around the base of the walls of your home and heats up using different methods to heat the air and make it rise in the home. Below we will discuss the two types of baseboard heating.


The first type of baseboard heating is Electric baseboard heating. This option is an individual unit which will heat one room in the home at a time. This option is not connected to a central unit and so no duct work is needed. This option is not as efficient as central unit options but they do work better than other types of units.


With electric baseboard heating, the unit will have cables inside it which will warm the air up and then push it out. As cold air enters the bottom of the unit it will be warmed and this option is connected to a thermostat so it can be controlled. When the air that enters the baseboard heater is the desired temperature, then the heater will shut off until it needs to cut on again.


The second option available is the Hot water baseboard heating option. This unit is also called a hydronic baseboard heater and it does use central heating. However, this option uses hot water in pipes and sends it to individual baseboard units to heat the rooms in the home. This type of heating is considered an efficient heating source, and many consider them better than a central heating system.


This type of heating is usually used in radiant flooring. This means the pipes run under the floor, however many homes are not equipped for this type of installation. Because radiant heating can be difficult in the floor, the baseboard option is a good idea for installation.


Many are against baseboard heating simply from an aesthetic point of view. They feel as though the heating system is ‘ugly’ and will mess up the décor of their home. However, with the newest baseboard heating systems, homeowners can paint the system to match the look and style of their home. There are also covers that can be purchased that change the overall look of the heating system, which makes it more stylish and appealing.

Top 5 Furnace Tips To Remain Safe in the Home


Once the colder season hits and temperatures begin to drop, all over the world you will begin to see people starting up their furnaces once again. This is a good time to take furnace safety tips into consideration before starting up your furnace leads to a major problem or tragedy. Below are 5 furnace safety tips to keep your home warm and safe.

1. Remove Flammable or Combustible Items

Clear the furnace area of any combustible or flammable items. You should not be storing any cleaning supplies or detergents around this area either as they may give off particulates and fumes that may be flammable and lead to accelerated corrosion of various furnace parts.

2. Inspect Furnace Filters

Prior to starting up your furnace, be sure to inspect your filter. If your filter is dirty, it can stop air flow to your home which will waste both energy and money. If a filter is dirty it can even lead to your furnace becoming too hot and the heat exchanger cracking. If this happens, carbon monoxide may enter into your home and this is toxic and can be fatal. Change your furnace filters every 3 to 4 months.

3. Replace Old Furnaces

Replacing older furnaces can be a bit tricky as not many people know when it is really time to do this. Although many people do not want to do it, unfortunately replacing your old heating equipment is important and a necessity. Timing it right before the furnace is beginning to cost you a lot of money for repairs and operating costs is key.  Just remember, if you replace your furnace too early, that will not be that cost effective either.

4. New Furnace Installation

It is essential to be in compliance with all manufacturer’s instructions and building codes when you install your new furnace. This means obtaining a building permit and having your new installation inspected. A licensed and qualified contractor will know how to stay in compliance and will be up-to-date with manufacturer’s instructions. The equipment installed should have a high energy efficiency rating or at least the highest you can afford. However, high efficiency systems usually save you more money over the years than the initial investment you put into it. In many cases, they even qualify for utility and government rebates.

5. Avoid Doing Repairs Yourself

You should never attempt to do your own repairs yourself on your furnace. You might come across websites that say that an untrained person is able to handle the same type of job that a qualified technician can. This is not true and very misleading and can be potentially dangerous for you to attempt. You are better off spending money on a qualified technician.

If smaller issues arise and you can troubleshoot or fix common problems with ease, be sure to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Since your furnace is one of the most necessary appliances in your household, it is important to have it checked annually. If you have concerns or any doubts when it comes to furnace safety, always play it safe and contact a professional to avoid hurting yourself or even ending up with even more costly issues.

Residential Furnace Maintaining Tips

A residential furnace is a great option for home owners to use to be able to heat their home effectively. This option can provide comfort for every room in the home. home owners must make sure that their furnace units are in proper working order and the best way to do this is to provide maintenance service. Maintenance can be conducted by the home owner or a professional technician. Certain steps need to be taken throughout the year to ensure that the unit is working as it should. Below are a few maintenance tips to keep a residential furnace in proper working order.

Clutter Free
One easy tip is to keep the area around your furnace clutter free. It is important to ensure that an area of at least 3 feet around the unit is clear. If items are located too close to the unit a fire can start easily. Combustible materials should be removed from the area near the furnace so that the home will be safe and secure. If your unit is located in the basement or other storage area, be sure to keep track of when you place new items in storage. You want to be sure that area remains clear so there is no way that a fire can start.

It is also important to have your furnace cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that each component is cleaned and working properly. A cleaning will consist of removing dust and grime and other particles from the unit. You can clean the surround of your unit but you may feel more comfortable with a professional cleaning the inside of your unit. The unit must be opened components removed and worked around to ensure the entire unit is clean and operating properly.

It is also important that repairs are taken care of as quickly as possible. A unit that is damaged needs to be repaired right away or the unit can be damaged even more. When a unit is not working properly, a technician should be contacted as quickly as possible. The repair should be adjusted and repaired so the unit is functioning as it should quickly. A technician who is qualified and trained will easily be able to handle the problem and have your unit back in operation in no time.

It is imperative that home owners take the time to maintain and service a furnace on a regular basis. A unit should be worked on at least once a year to ensure that the unit is working appropriately. An inspection and cleaning are essential before the winter months so you have the security needed to know that your unit is ready to operate effectively.

Solar Heaters Vs Boilers

For heating solutions in the home, there are many different options for home owners to choose from. Two options that home owners can install is a solar heater and a boiler. These two units can heat the home but they are very different. Below we will show the differences between the two different heating systems.

Installation Price

When it comes to the price of installation, a boiler system wins out every time. The price of installation for a boiler is much lower than the price of a solar system. A solar system has a very complicated installation process while a boiler is less complicated. Because of this as well as the amount of time needed to install a solar unit, boilers seem to be the top choice in this aspect.

Installation Process

Boilers are much easier to install than solar systems. With solar systems, you have solar panels and other components which will need to be installed to be able to work well in the home. Also, many technicians have less experience installing solar systems to it can take longer to install. A boiler is a unit that technicians have vast experience installing so technicians can easily install these units.


When it comes to overall heating, both the boiler and the solar units have equal heating potential. Both may work differently to provide the heat to the home, but they both provide the same amount of heat for comfort. Cost to Operate When it comes to operation cost, boilers are also the better option. Boilers have a basic cost of operation while solar units can be quite costly to operate depending on how they are installed and what components are used. So when it comes to operating cost, boilers are the right choice.

Environment Effects

When it comes to the effect on the environment, boilers are not the first choice. Boilers can emit gasses and other chemicals into the air which can affect the environment. Solar heating systems were created as an environmentally friendly option. The solar option will use the sun rays to power the heat in the home so home owners will not be emitting gases and other harmful chemicals into the air. Overall, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option and then determine which heating unit will work best for you r home. You can also consult your local HVAC provider to have help deciding which option is best for you.