Texas Tough Service Program

Johnson Air Conditioning agrees to provide two (2) complete semi-annual preventative maintenance inspections per year. A qualified service technician, who is trained to make your heating and air conditioning system(s) operate as efficiently and economically as possible, will perform your specialized service. The service will be scheduled for spring/summer season for the air codnitioning and fall/winter season for the heating. They will be scheduled during normal business hours so that we may provide you with the maximum efficiency at the lowest possible price.

This Texas Tough Service Program includes:

Once per year:

  1. Lubricate evaporator blower motor(s) and condenser fan motor(s) per manurfacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Check thermostat calibration
  3. Inspect ductwork for air leaks (where accessible)


  1. Preferential service
  2. 20% off discount on all service parts (exluding filters & UV light bulbs)
  3. Extended equipment life
  4. Maximum system efficiency and capability
  5. 24 hour emergency service

Air Conditioning:

  1. Clean condenser coil (was with water only)
  2. Blow out condensate drain line
  3. Apply environmental sealant (depending on condition of paint)
  4. Check operational pressures
  5. Test safety controls
  6. Test compressor and motors for proper voltage and amperage
  7. Check condensing unit temperature differential
  8. Check filter condition
  9. Check evaporator temperature differential
  10. Visually inspect evaporator and drain pan (where accessible)


  1. Check filter condition
  2. Blow out condensate drain line
  3. Check heat exchanger
  4. Test safety controls
  5. Check and adjust burners
  6. Check for proper combustion air
  7. Check flue pipe (where accessible)
  8. Test furnace temperature differential

This is a preventative maintenance service program. All approved repairs (part and labor) are additional.


  1. Filter(s) and filter changes are additional.
  2. If visual evaporator inspection and/or cleaning are needed, it will be charged at our regular service rates
  3. Heat exchanger check is visual. Carbon monoxide testing (with meter) is additional.

Cost for the first system is $150.00

Cost for each additional system is $80.00

Payment for program is due in full and cannot be “split” over two inspections.